How to enjoy Picnic Month this July

Did you know July marks Picnic Month?

And what an excellent time to get out and about now Covid restrictions are starting to lift.

The smell of the flowers the sound of birds chirping and busy bees flying around – the fresh air does wonders and stirs up our appetites.

So whether we are packing meals for an afternoon get-away or a weekend of camping, picnics are part of the adventure and to enjoy with our family and children away from home.

Did you know?

  • The largest picnic ever held spanned across 600 miles, crossing France from coast to coast and celebrated the millennium’s first Bastille Day in 2000
  • The average person picnics at least 3 times a year, that’s nearly 94 million picnics a year 
  • The most popular snack 50 years ago was the humble cheese sarnie, now it is a bag of crisps 

Here are our top tips to enjoy Picnics this July: 


It’s important to keep meals light and simple so we can focus on creating happy memories with our children. Sandwiches to finger foods and water may seem simple, but it’s about spending time with each other and being out in nature. This doesn’t mean snacks have to be unhealthy, don’t forget to pack in fruit and veg sticks with healthy dips. For dessert try and freshly fruit salad or fruit skewers.

Location and Entertainment 

Choose a location that is both relaxing, has a view and where you can enjoy some fun activities with your little ones from a brisk stroll to some fun outdoor games. 


Make sure you tidy up and take away any rubbish with you when you depart after your fun day out. Don’t leave behind any litter that can harm any of the furry animals that live there or the environment.  

Child picnic gear 

When we travel it’s important to have the right child gear too, take for example, our cute baby bear plate which has deep, divided sections – perfect for picky toddlers and finger food. With a built in placemat and a suction base to help it stay put. You can use it anywhere, take it everywhere - at home or away, indoors or outdoors.  

And as picnic mealtimes can be messy for some of our little ones, the Apramo baby bear plate is the perfect companion for our Flippa dining booster chair. Eating together is so important and the Filippa dining booster let’s your child be included in picnics. Our Flippa dining booster has a stable surface so your child can enjoy eating outdoors as well. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and super strong making it ultra portable to carry and foldaway for easier transportation. 

The most important tip of all is relax and have fun of course, this is important family time, take in your surroundings and build those happy memories with your children and family. So let us celebrate Picnic Month and enjoy the warmer sunny days ahead this July with your children with a little help with Apramo, helping make picnics less stressful.