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      How to celebrate National BBQ Week!

      (2nd July – 11th July 2021) 

      Well, what a turbulent year it has been, as Covid and the Lockdown restrictions are easing, we look to be getting back to some sort of normality. It’s time to get out in the garden, time to invite over family and fire up the grill! Let us use National BBQ week as our excuse to fill our bellies with food joy and delight. 

      5 Fun BBQ Facts

      • Did you know that because of the Lockdown, BBQ & eating at home is now the UK’s No1 summer home leisure activity? 
      • What is also impressive, three out of four households in the UK now own some type of BBQ grill. 
      • In 2020, the UK held over 150m BBQ’s, that’s the highest in Europe, beating Germany! 
      • It’s not about the meat-eaters though, it is estimated that approximately 31% of BBQ’s contain vegetarian or plant based food. 
      • How many BBQ’s will you attend this year? Apparently 33% of men and 32% of women attend between 8-9 BBQ’s a year. With couples and families hosting 4 times more BBQ’s than singles. 

      In the UK, around 1800 people visit A&E every year because of a barbeque related injuries or illnesses – so we encourage you to please make it a safe one.

      Top tips for staying safe during BBQ Week 

      • Do not use petrol - Never ever, light a fire using petrol, it is unpredictable and extremely dangerous. The toxic fumes can also cause serious harm. 
      • Be safe with gas and flame – If using gas ensure all gas equipment is safe to use and store gas containers according to the manufacturers' recommendations.   
      • When using coal barbeques let them cool down safely and keep them out of the reach of children. 
      • Never leave exposed flames unattended - Flames can grow out of control and cause considerable damage and burns to skin. 
      • Most important of all - keep an eye on the kids! Ensure children are supervised when around fires, barbeques or outdoor heaters at all times. 

      Outdoor accessories for Children 

      Your little ones also enjoy BBQ time, it’s an occasion for them as well.

      At Apramo we have the perfect outdoors child accessories to ensure they enjoy eating outside. Our cute baby bear plate has deep, divided sections – perfect for picky toddlers when they are learning to eat. With a built in placemat and a suction base to help it stay put. You can use it anywhere, take it everywhere - at home or away, indoors or outdoors. Even more it’s made from BPA free, it’s hygienic, baby safe and child friendly. And as mealtimes can be messy, baby bear plate is microwave and dishwasher safe too.  This is the perfect companion for our Flippa dining booster chair. Eating together is so important and the Filippa dining booster let’s your child be included. Furthermore, it’s lightweight and super strong with a stable surface so your child can enjoy eating outdoors.

      We hope you enjoy your summer BBQ’s with the family this month.