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Aviacare T&C's



AviaCare Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty

Voluntary warranty extension beyond the statutory 2 year period.

AviaCare Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty:


Applicable to selected Apramo Car Seats

Variable extended warranty period dependent upon the specific seat expiration date.


Apramo will send out free replacement parts based on the AviaCare Warranty and subject to the exclusions listed below.


Consumer Support —for product support, installation and assembly advice.


* Applicable in the United Kingdom ONLY.


Life’s complicated enough. That’s why here at Apramo we have created Avia Care, a no- nonsense idea designed for little people, and the big people who drive them here, there, and everywhere.


It’s free upon registration of your car seat* and is comprised of a simple extended limited lifetime warranty and a handy ‘like-for-like,’ Road Traffic Accident Car Seat Replacement - should the unfortunate happen, and you find yourself involved in a road traffic accident. Two different ways that we can support you a little more for the journeys we make.


It’s all part of the Apramo approach to raise standards of safety, quality, and performance and in doing so putting Apramo parents & carers first.


That’s why we decided that a standard 2-year warranty just wasn’t enough. We want to provide that extra peace of mind and demonstrate how much we value your investment in a an Apramo car seat. So, we created a comprehensive, no cost, limited lifetime extended warranty and we’ll even replace your Apramo car seat in the event of an accident.


Please note that textile colours may change or fade over time with everyday wear and usage, and textile covers are not included within the scope of the extended limited lifetime warranty, due to the nature of material ingress and use. If you need a new cover, please contact Apramo UK Ltd directly.


Accordingly, we will endeavour to replace or repair your product, or part, with one of equal value and suitability. Proof of registration / proof of purchase in the form of a receipt, as a record of purchase is required for eligibility for this AviaCare extended limited lifetime warranty and must be presented to obtain warranty service.


*Please note the expiration ( reasonable usage ) periods specific to each individual Apramo Car Seat model included in the AviaCare Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty:


modül | one - 4 years from date of purchase

modul | two - 4 years from date of purchase


modul | hubfix - 4 years from the date of purchase modul | max - 8 years from the date of purchase ostara-fix - 8 years from the date of purchase

ostara-fix | auto-Eco - 8 years from the date of purchase


Your Apramo Car Seat is warranted to be free from any manufacturing irregularities for the life of the car seat under normal use conditions and according to the correct usage & installation specified within the instruction manual.


For the life of your Apramo car seat Apramo UK Ltd, provide this warranty exclusively to the original purchaser (“Registered Original Owner”), who upon registration online within 28 days of purchase, is warrantied against hard materials irregularity, mechanical or operational defect. Apramo’s only obligation under this warranty shall be, at Apramo’s discretion, to repair or replace any such Apramo Car Seat product; that is determined by Apramo to be covered by the scope of this warranty. Any such repair or replacement provided under the scope of this warranty is the only remedy available (and has no cash or monetary alternative) to the Registered Original Owner. This Apramo AviaCare warranty is extended by Apramo UK Ltd ONLY to the Registered Original Owner who must be resident in the UK and is not assignable or transferable to any other individual or subsequent user.


The expiration date for your Apramo Car Seat is specified as a part of the AviaCare Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty and is applicable from the date of purchase. This warranty is effective in the United Kingdom only. This warranty is not transferable and extends only to the Registered Original Owner who registered their Apramo Car Seat within 28 days of purchase.


If your Apramo Car Seat is damaged due to the following, the AviaCare Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty will not apply:

  • Misuse or poor maintenance; (Please refer to the instruction manual for guidance, always keep the instruction manuals with the seat)
  • Included but not limited to, sun intensity (fading), sweat marks, detergents & bleaching, vomit, food staining, crumbs and edible ingress, damp storage or frequent washings;
  • Airline or freight damage;
  • Improper storage or any kind of second-hand use.


Apramo reserves the right to make modifications to the terms and conditions of this AviaCare Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Please note that specific terms & conditions are applicable for the AviaCare ‘like-for- like,’ Road Traffic Accident Car Seat Replacement.


To get some help with your Apramo product, or to benefit from your AviaCare Extended Limited Lifetime Warranty, please contact the AviaCare team at

Apramo® RTA Exchange Service

Voluntary Car Seat RTA Exchange Program for Occupied Restraints Involved In Severe Road Traffic Accidents.


Motor Vehicle Accident Replacement - Apramo UK Ltd, will replace your Car Seat in the event of a road traffic accident.


* Applicable in the United Kingdom ONLY.


What is the Apramo® RTA Exchange Service?

Unfortunately, from time to time, parents and carers who have purchased an Apramo car seat may be involved in a RTA (Road Traffic Accident). If you are involved in such an accident, whilst a child is restrained in their car seat, then please do not hesitate to contact us for help and advice…. and of course we sincerely hope that everyone involved is safe, well and unharmed.


In the event of such a collision, and depending on the type of forces exerted on the seat, it can (in some cases) cause unseen damage to the structural integrity of the restraint (seat). This is to be expected… it means that the seat did what it was designed to do and absorbed the loads and applied forces exerted during an impact event. However, it may not be safe to continue to use the seat, depending on the type of incident.


Therefore, in such circumstances, we are here to help you with your questions, queries and concerns and provide a free to use RTA Exchange Service. This is available to all our customers, replacing your old car seat with a new like for like replacement; so that you have one less thing to worry about, and you can continue to travel safely, with some peace of mind.


What do we need from you?

  • Your full name, your permanent address, current email and contact telephone numbers.


  • Clear photos of the vehicle registered to you involved in the RTA.


  • Clear photos of the Apramo® child car seat installed in your registered vehicle at the time of the RTA.


  • The Official (dated) police report and the a written description of the accident.


  • A complete copy of your purchase receipt for the product if you have it, and the date / name of the store / retailer you purchased the product from.


  • A picture of the orange product sticker (of both the car seat and the hubfix base if applicable) which you will find on the bottom or back of the product.

(see example sticker shown).


How to apply?


Once you have compiled the information listed above, please send your application via e-mail clearly quoting the reference AP/RTAEP in the subject line, to, and we will review your application within 30 working days.


* Please note, we do not encourage the gifting, purchase or usage of second hand, previously used car seat restraint products on safety grounds, and this service only applies to Apramo seats purchased either directly from an authorised retailer, or from and does not apply to car seats and bases bought pre-used, exchanged second hand or gifted & passed on in a pre-used state.


Terms & Conditions


  • The RTA Exchange Program is only applicable to Apramo® branded car seats with identifiable manufacturing codes.


  • The exchange program is limited to ONE TIME entitlement, from the warranty date.


  • If a previously purchased car seat model / specification or colour has since been discontinued, an appropriate and suitable equivalent value and classification of car seat will be offered as a replacement.


  • Car Seat Restraints are eligible for the RTA Exchange Program if they have been involved in an RTA resulting in visible and assessable impact damage where the structure and integrity of the vehicle is distorted, degraded and / or compromised and meets all other stated criteria.


  • Apramo® will issue the replacement car seat restraint free of charge, and delivered to the customers permanent address. The incurred cost of sending back the crashed / compromised car seat restraint will be arranged & borne by Apramo UK Ltd.


  • Completed applications must be submitted to Apramo® no less than 30 days of the

RTA in order to be eligible for the RTA Exchange Program. Applications received after this 30 day period are no longer eligible for the scheme and will not be considered.


  • In the event an RTA exchange is applied for and a replacement seat issued, the applicant automatically consents to allow Apramo® to use any submitted photos and testimonials for marketing purposes.


Disclaimer: This program for RTA restraint exchange is voluntary. This RTA Exchange Program does not involve a financial reimbursement, and will not, under any circumstances be transferable or subject to any cash / monetary alternative or similar offer, other than a direct like for like, suitable and comparable replacement of an equivalent Apramo model of child restraint as determined by Apramo UK Ltd. Apramo® reserves the rights to change, amend, cancel or remove the exchange program at any time, without prior notice.