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      Fabulous Feasts with Flippa  

      When you’re ready to start your weaning journey, Flippa is the perfect partner to join you and your baby on the adventure.

      Born to travel and equally as comfortable inside or outside, Flippa is built for adventure: whether you’re dining out in a cafe, painting pictures in the garden or playing on the beach. 

      Combine with the cute baby bear plate to create mealtime fun.

      The deep, divided sections are perfect for picky toddlers when they are learning to eat. With a built in placemat and a suction base to help it stay put, you’ll be ready for the thrills and spills of your weaning journey. Use it anywhere, take it everywhere - at home or away, indoors or out. 

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      We’ve even put together a little inspiration too, with some simple ideas for your weaning journey… 

      Banana and avocado puree

      When you and your baby are ready to move on from single flavours, try combining these classic ingredients to create a creamy puree.

      Banana and avocado are both rich in nutrients for growing babies.

      How to?

      · Mash the flesh of half an avocado into a smooth paste, then do the same with half a banana. Combine together to create a rich puree.

      · If your baby is already used to purees, you may want to try a chunkier consistency.

      · And if you are introducing your baby to protein or cows milk, mix in a tablespoon of unsweetened yogurt too. 

      Sweet potato soldiers

      Introducing solid food from 6 months helps your baby learn to handle and pick up food.

      Sweet potato provides a natural sweetness that babies love, and you can experiment with a little cinnamon to introduce new flavours.

      How to?

      · Roast a sweet potato until the flesh is soft (around 30 - 40 minutes).

      · Allow to cool completely then remove the skin and chop up into bite size pieces.

      · Try sprinkling with a little bit of cinnamon for extra taste.

      Fish food

      The health benefits of oily fish are well known for adults, but did you know it is good for babies too? Try adding salmon as you introduce protein to your baby.

      These fish bites require minimal cooking but pack a nutrient punch!

      How to?

      · Bake a small potato in the oven until soft. At the same time, bake a small salmon fillet in foil for around 10 minutes until cooked through.

      · Scoop out the flesh of the potato, flake the salmon (skin removed) and gently mash together. Combine with half a beaten egg and a few tablespoons of sweet corn.

      · Form into little balls (about golf ball size) and bake on a foil lined tray at 180 for around 15 minutes. Allow to cool before letting baby help themselves. Please check the insides to make sure they are not too hot!

      Simple, saucy pasta

      Everyone loves pasta – and babies are no exception. This simple sauce allows you to play with different ingredients and flavours to experiment on your weaning journey with your baby.

      Small sized “baby” pasta is available in supermarkets, or simply cut up regular cooked pasta with scissors!

      How to?

      · To make the basic sauce, simply chop and gently fry a small onion with one clove of garlic in olive oil until softened.

      · Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Puree if a smoother sauce is required.

      · Experiment by adding new vegetables or herbs to find your baby’s favourites.